Professor Gregory John Lee

Professor Gregory John Lee is an Associate Professor in Digital Business (specializing in the world of work) at Wits Business School. He focuses on issues in talent and human capital management, notably HR analytics, in which he has established himself as a leading expert, and other areas such as employee turnover and the employee-customer link.

Prof Lee has published many books including the first South African HR Metrics book as well as several analytics books with prestigious international publishers such as SAS Press. Gregory is a well-known writer, speaker and consultant.

He consults to companies in the areas of both HR and analytics. He also has many leading academic publications in the international arena such as the Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Human Resource Costing & Accounting, International Journal of HRM, International Journal of Manpower, European Journal of Operational Management, Scientometrics, and many others.

About the Speaker
  • Profession
    Associate Professor in Digital Business
  • Company
    Wits Business School
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