Navigating ESG Transition Risks and Opportunities

With increasing scrutiny from regulators and investors globally asking for more transparent and credible ESG disclosures, it is crucial that companies understand how to help drive the transition to sustainability both from a risk and opportunities stand point.

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Advanced Digital Banking Strategies On Demand Online Training

Learn to compare, dissect and differentiate between efficiency, sustainability and disruptive innovation in banking and develop the capability to apply and operate the Christensen Strategy of disruptive innovation within an incumbent bank, plus much more.

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Basel III & Basel IV On Demand Online Training

The practical course offers advanced level insights into the Basel accords with emphasis on Basel III and Basel IV accords. The course covers a brief overview of Basel I, the improvements and additions brought in via Basel II, how Basel III is patchwork of corrective measures designed to repair flaws detected in Basel II and Basel IV and the changes it will bring with its phased implementation.

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