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3 New Online FinTech Courses

Global Best Selling FinTech Courses – now in a convenient digital format.

Masterclass Events has collaborated with the World FinTech Association to bring you three brand new and exclusive online courses developed and presented by David Gyori – Top 10 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in Financial Technology and a Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in Business Strategy.

Most Relavent For:

  • Board, Executives and Mid-Management of Banks
  • Leaders of Key Functional Areas and Strategy
  • IT, Digital Transition and Innovation
  • Banking – Retail, Transaction, Corporate and Private
  • Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Digital Channels
  • Microfinance
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Payments, Lending, Savings
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Market Research
  • Central Bankers
  • Regulators
  • Blockchain Experts
  • Crypto Currency Investors and Potential Investors
  • Corporate Finance Experts
  • Legislators
  • Government Policy Makers
  • Analysts
  • CBDC Project Leaders and Participants
  • Digital Finance Experts

Course 1: Advanced Technologies in Banking: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Big Data

Following the financial crisis, traditional market players were caught off guard by the influx of tens of thousands of new competitors globally. The advantage of new players from FinTech start-ups to technology giants, from neobanks to mobile network operators was their inherent ability to be excellent in a digital environment.

In the past three years banks did raise up to the challenge: Currently all incumbent players are running important and meaningful digital transition projects with increasing success and positive impact.

Yet, now banks and bankers are facing a whole new set of challenges in the course of their digital transition journey: Advanced Technologies such as Big Data, AI and Blockchain are knocking on the door.

Course 2: Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass

Central Bank Digital Currencies are step by step taking over traditional FIAT money. This is by far the most impactful event in global finance since the end of Bretton Woods.

Meanwhile we are entering dangerous territories in a crypto bubble and the relative state of post 2008 global financial stability is being challenged.

How will these two major trends, the rise of CBDCs and the crypto bubble interact and create a new reality? How will CBDCs look like? Which projects are the current global best practices?

This Masterclass answers these core questions bankers, central bankers, regulators, and risk practitioners are currently asking globally.

Course 3: Advanced Digital Banking Strategies – Winning in the Age of Transition & Disruption

Key learning objectives:

  • Ability to compare, dissect and differentiate between efficiency, sustainability and disruptive innovation in banking.
  • Capability to apply and operate the Christensen Strategy of disruptive innovation within an incumbent bank.
  • To construct the organizational environment to implement the ambidextrous organization strategy successfully.
  • To practice ‘coopetition’, to build synergetic ‘data ecosystems’ as well as to prepare the bank for the age of ‘AI’.
  • Knowledge of key tactical elements of excellence in banking innovation and recognition of global best practices.
  • Readiness to select, grade and organize secondary strategies, such as inside-out, outside-in innovation or the three boxes.
  • Identify and escape primary strategic traps, such as the Kodak trap of lost mission and the Nokia trap of digital convergence.
  • Locate instances of narrow technologic focus and plan meta-technologic solutions. Describe and discuss the culture
    of risk-conscious creativity.
  • Review of crowdsourcing best practices and participative benefits in a digital first context.
  • Locate, analyse and address the digital divide between baby boomers and millennials as well as reduce the loyalty
  • Compare the five stages of channel evolution and deliver a cutting edge opti channel strategy.
  • Explain the emerging channels of AR, VR and Voice in retail ban


David Gyori is a globally renowned FinTech consultant, trainer, author as well as keynote speaker. He is CEO of Banking Reports Ltd London, providing top quality FinTech training for bankers all over the world. David is frequent Keynote Speaker of premier international banking and FinTech events: he recently gave speeches in London, Brussels, Cape Town,...
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      Advanced Technologies in Banking (12 Hours) - R285 000.00
      Advanced Digital Banking Strategies (7 Hours) - R215 000.00
      Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass (6 Hours) - R215 000.00

      BUNDLE A - R536 250.00
      Advanced Technologies in Banking (12 Hours)
      Advanced Digital Banking Strategies (7 Hours)
      Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass (6 Hours)

      BUNDLE B - R400 000.00
      Advanced Technologies in Banking (12 Hours)
      Advanced Digital Banking Strategies (7 Hours)

      BUNDLE C - R400 000.00
      Advanced Technologies in Banking (12 Hours)
      Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass (6 Hours)

      BUNDLE D - R365 500.00
      Advanced Digital Banking Strategies (7 Hours)
      Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass (6 Hours)

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